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Welcome to the CTWUG WiND Portal


Welcome to the CTWUG Wireless Node Database! This website stores, displays and manages information about wireless nodes in the Cape Town Wireless User Group (CTWUG) situated around the Western Cape. CTWUG is a non-profit organisation made up of hobbyists that want to learn about and experiment with wireless technologies as well as create an open, free and inclusive public data network for the good of all who are willing to contribute to it.

Visit our forums for more info :)

Quick Links

OpenID Login has been removed!

OpenID has been deprecated/disabled by popular demand.
Please use the password recovery link to reset your Wind password.
If you have any questions, please refer to this thread on the forums.

Thank you for your cooperation - I hope this change meets with your approval.
- aquarat

How to add a Node:
  1. Click on the Add Node link
  2. Fill in all the details
    1. Node Name: Please enter your nickname here
    2. Area: Please select the area you will connect to
    3. Geographical Location: Enter your GEO Location or click on Find Coordinates
    4. Building Height: Enter your Antenna Height, not the Height above Sea Level
    5. Info: Hardware Kit Info
    6. Administrator: This should be yourself
    7. Co-Administrators: Add anyone else that may change settings on your node
  3. Click on OK
How to setup a Node:
  1. Add a Link
    1. Backbone: These are used for Highsites
    2. Access Point: For someone who Broadcasts
    3. Client: For connecting to a HS
  2. Add a Subnet
    1. Add your own WUG IP Range under Home LAN
  3. Add IP Addresses
    1. Add your DNS Entries here
    2. hostname:rb   IP:
  4. Add Services
    1. NB: Add IP Addresses First!!
  5. Add Photos
    1. Add some neat Installation Pictures!!