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Node Jypels #11427

Oude Westhof
-33.8585, 18.5976
Installation Due Date
0000-01-01 00:00:00

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  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/jypelsoude4 ]  

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Node subnetwork

Subnet Home LAN ( -
Added Hostname IP address MAC address Device type Always on-line (24/7) Info
06/05/15 torrents Server Yes
12/12/14 inm0 Server Yes Inm0 Download Bot
06/18/16 heisenberg Server Yes NMS/CTWUG Status/SmokePing
04/19/15 dns Server Yes
04/19/15 delta Server Yes CTWUG Backup server
06/19/16 thedude Server Yes Monitors CTWUG bellville Network
04/19/15 crm Server Yes CTWUG CRM server to monitor Ubiquity devices on the network
03/24/17 aircontrol Server Yes
04/19/15 wugtube Server Yes CTWUG Video Streaming website
09/14/16 scratchserver Server Yes Server running 2012 for scratching around in
09/14/16 seedbox Server Yes Seedbox
09/16/16 jitsi Server Yes Wug Video Conference Server
09/26/16 bf3 Server Yes CTWUG Battlefield 3 server
09/26/16 mw3 Server Yes CTWUG Modern Warfare 3 Server
10/06/16 l4d2 Server Yes CTWUG Left4dead 2 Server - Available from Internet aswell
10/06/16 bc2 Server Yes CTWUG Bad Company 2
10/07/16 cs-go Server Yes CTWUG Counter Strike GO Dedicated Server
12/04/16 terahub Server Yes Terahub Server ( DC Server)
02/06/17 rtmp Server Yes RTMP Server open for wug use
02/06/17 finance Server Yes CTWUG Finances
02/12/17 rust Server Yes CTWUG Rust Server
03/24/17 unms Server Yes
10/11/16 pc1 PC No i7 4790K | 32GB ram | R9 380x 4GB | Corsair TX850 | 3 x 256GB SSD's in raid 0 |
09/14/16 esxi-host1 Server Yes ESXI Host 1
09/14/16 esxi-host2 Server Yes ESXI - Host 2
09/14/16 esxi-host3 Server Yes ESXI-host 3
03/16/15 rb9 Router Yes Sector serving Oude Westhof / Van Riebeeckshof
03/16/15 rb8 Router Yes Dynadish - Giftand 1
03/16/15 rb7 Router Yes Dynadish - Mamemos
03/16/15 rb6 Router Yes Dell Powerconnect 6248 48 Port managed gigabit Switch
03/16/15 rb5 Router Yes Mikrotik Cloud Router Switch
03/16/15 rb4 Router Yes Mikrotik 260GSP - Powers Giftand 1 , Mamemos and Sector links
03/16/15 rb3 Router Yes 5 Port Tough Switch - Powers 260GSP & Ubiquity Edge Router X
03/16/15 rb2 Router Yes Mikrotik CHR x86 - Internal Router/Firewall
03/16/15 rb1 Router Yes Ubiquity Edge Router X - Main OSPF Router


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