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Node DonnyDK #12199

-33.8692, 18.7172
Installation Due Date
2016-02-15 00:00:00
14.6m MAST
RB 911G-5HPacD to 911G-5HPacD 30dbi dual dish (Skouperd Link)
911G-5HPacD to 911G-5HPacDNetmetal 30dbi dual dish (OPEN)
RB 912UAG-5HPnD + Dual Pol 120degree Sector (Sector 1)
RB 912UAG-5HPnD + Dual Pol Titanium 120degree Sector (Sector 2)
RB 912UAG-5HPnD + Dual Pol 120degree Sector (Sector 3)
RB LHG 5nD r5 to RB 911G 5nD r5 + 25dbi dual dish (Chucky Link)
RB 912UAG-5HPnD to Stationbox 5hnd + 30dbi dual dish (AngryBird Link)
RB SXT 2nD r2 to RB SXT 2nD r2 (SeekerZa Link)

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  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/donnydk_Omni ]  
  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/donnydk_Sec1 ]  
  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/donnydk_Sec2 ]  
  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/donnydk_Sec3 ]  

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Node subnetwork

Subnet Home LAN ( -
Added Hostname IP address MAC address Device type Always on-line (24/7) Info
08/08/16 donnovan-msi PC Yes
12/07/17 taylor PC Yes
04/07/18 media PC Yes
09/01/18 nb-donnovan PC Yes
07/17/19 dombledor PC Yes
08/21/16 nas Server Yes
09/07/16 davids PC Yes
02/22/18 pabx VoIP Device Yes
08/08/16 corerb-donnydk Router Yes CCR124G cloud router
08/13/16 spare2 Router Yes
08/13/16 spare3 Router Yes
08/13/16 rb11-donnydk-sector3 Router Yes RB911G-5HPnD With 120degree Sector
09/07/16 rb4-donnydk-sector2 Router Yes RB912UAG-5HPnD + Dual Pol Titanium 120degree Sector
04/27/15 rb9-donnydk-chucky Router Yes RB LHG 5nD r5 to RB 911G 5nD r5 with dual dish
03/15/15 rb6-donnydk-angrybird Router Yes Netbox 5hndac to DynoDish
03/15/15 freerbip Router Yes
03/15/15 rb-internal Router Yes RB960GP
03/04/19 donnydk-omnitikac5 Router Yes OmniTikPoe ac5
03/15/15 donnydk-sector1 Router Yes RB911G-5HPnD With 120degree Sector
03/15/15 donnydk-razor Router Yes 911G-5HPacD to 911G-5HPacDNetmetal
04/27/15 donnydk-skouperd Router Yes 911G-5HPacD to 911G-5HPacD


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