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Node razor #2367

-33.8486, 18.705
Installation Due Date
0000-01-01 00:00:00
14m Mast
SXT G-5HnD (Access Point)
OmniTIK UPA-5HnD (Access Point)
RB911G-5HPacD With 30dBi AirMax Dish (link-razor-donnydk)
RB911G With 25dbi Dish (link-razor-sandman)
RB911G With 25dbi Dish (link-razor-tubby)
RB911G With 25dbi Dish (link-razor-nemesiskfn)
RB912UAG-5HPnD With 34dbi Dish (link-razor-giff)
RB912UAG-5HPnD With 25dbi Dish (link-razor-moontop)
Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax AC PowerBeam 22dBi 300mm Dish (link-razor-dade)
SXT 5HPnD (link-razor-worm)
SXT 5nD r2 (link-razor-ruckus)
LHG5 (link-razor-danielf)
LHG5 (link-razor-moemin)

IP C-Classes

C Class Date Status

IPv6 Networks

IPv6 Net Date Status

DNS zones

Zone name Date Status

Nameservers (NS)

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  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/razor5 ]  
  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/razor3 ]  

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Node subnetwork

Subnet Home LAN ( -
Added Hostname IP address MAC address Device type Always on-line (24/7) Info
07/04/2010 seedbox Server Yes Hp Microserver N36L
12/29/2010 gamingpc PC No
08/30/2012 laptop PC No
07/31/2012 sitkamerpc PC No
09/21/2012 internetpc PC No stats for call of duty modern warfare 2
10/26/2013 rb8.sxtap Router Yes SXT G-5HnD
11/07/2013 rb9.ruckus Router Yes SXT 5nD r2
12/13/2013 stats Server Yes
12/24/2013 dns Other No
03/24/2016 rb12.moemin Router Yes
12/27/2013 rb6.danielf Router Yes SXT 5nD r2
12/27/2013 rb7.worm Router Yes SXT 5nD r2
12/27/2013 rb13.giff Router Yes
07/05/2010 rb3 Router Yes RouterBOARD 750G r2
12/25/2013 pc4 PC Yes
12/25/2013 pc3 PC Yes
10/05/2013 pc2 PC Yes
12/25/2013 pc1 PC Yes
10/05/2013 rb Router Yes
12/07/2015 pc1 PC Yes
09/01/2017 pc2 PC Yes
09/01/2017 pc3 PC Yes
09/01/2017 pc4 PC Yes
09/01/2017 rb2.wifi Router Yes
09/01/2017 rb1 Router Yes
12/30/2013 sparky PC Yes
05/04/2014 spare1 Other No
05/04/2014 spare2 Other No
05/04/2014 spare3 Other No
05/04/2014 spare4 Other No
12/30/2013 rb Router Yes
04/13/2018 joshpc PC No
04/13/2018 kombpc PC No
04/13/2018 spare2 PC No
04/13/2018 torrnt-pc PC Yes
04/13/2018 wi-fi Wireless Device Yes
04/13/2018 rb Router Yes
07/23/2016 pc PC Yes
02/26/2017 pc1 PC Yes
02/26/2017 pc2 PC No
02/26/2017 pc3 PC No
02/26/2017 pc4 PC No
07/23/2016 rb Router Yes
07/21/2016 pc PC Yes
07/21/2016 pc1 PC No
07/21/2016 pc2 PC No
07/21/2016 pc3 PC No
07/21/2016 pc4 PC No
07/21/2016 rb Router Yes
09/14/2016 mjpc PC No
09/14/2016 pc2 PC No
09/14/2016 pc3 PC No
09/14/2016 pc4 PC No
09/14/2016 pc5 PC No
09/14/2016 rb Router Yes
01/07/2017 pc PC No
01/07/2017 spare1 PC No
01/07/2017 spare2 PC No
01/07/2017 spare3 PC No
04/06/2017 pc1 PC No
04/06/2017 pc2 PC No
04/06/2017 pc3 PC No
04/06/2017 pc4 PC No
06/18/2013 rb Router Yes


Category IP address Info Status Added TeamSpeak 3 Server Unlimited Users Active 04/14/2016 Website For Game Files And Updates Active 04/14/2016 (TCP/28960) MW2 Dedicated Server Active 04/14/2016

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