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Node MLB #3774

Valley Area
-33.9359, 18.6002
Installation Due Date
0000-01-01 00:00:00

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  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/MLB Uitsig Sector ]  
  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/MLB Ravy Sector ]  

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Node subnetwork

Subnet Home LAN ( -
Subnet Home LAN ( -
Added Hostname IP address MAC address Device type Always on-line (24/7) Info
03/20/2017 ospflink.marco.rb15 Router Yes
10/08/2012 mlbserver PC Yes
08/27/2012 sammypc PC Yes
09/10/2012 pollygpc PC Yes
09/10/2012 xtreamermediaplayer Other No
07/23/2013 pollyglaptop PC No
11/01/2013 telkommodem Server Yes
03/21/2017 rb15.mlb-marco Router Yes 24dbi dish + rb911
03/21/2017 rb13.mlb-dongfong Router Yes LHG link
08/21/2014 rb12.mlb-wendal Router Yes sxt link
06/16/2014 rb11.mlb-snakedoctor444 Router Yes 30 dbi dish link
12/27/2014 rb10.mlb-mars Router Yes 24dbi dish + rb911
05/01/2014 rb9.mlb-hq Router Yes SXT Link
02/19/2013 rb8.mlb-vizard Router Yes SXT Link
05/01/2014 rb7.mlb-tnt Router Yes LHG link
08/27/2012 rb6.mlb-stonehill Router Yes Grid & Grid link to Stonehill
10/08/2012 rb5.mlb-ravyuitsigsector Router Yes MLB Ravy & Uitsig Sectors
05/14/2011 rb4.mlb-darkcity Router Yes 30dbi dish + rb912 Link
05/14/2011 rb3.mlb-mab D4:CA:6D:9D:D4:37 Router Yes RB911 + 30dbi Dual Pol. Dish with shield
07/05/2014 rb2.mlb-rb2011 Router Yes
10/16/2014 rb1.mlb-rb750up Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb1ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb2ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb3ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb4ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb5ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb6ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb7ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb8ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb9ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb10ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb11ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb12ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb13ospf Router Yes
10/04/2015 rb14ospf Router Yes


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