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Node highvoltage #42

-33.9014, 18.6472
Installation Due Date
0000-03-20 19:00:00
Welcome to the highvoltage node!

My AP runs at 5.8ghz and can accommodate links up to 1km
if we have direct line of sight. I have space for additional
point to point links. (scan for it at 5300mhz)

CTWUG Wiki Page: http://wiki.ctwug.za.net/Highvoltage
Contact: highvoltage on IRC or jcarter@linux.com on email.

I read forums around once a year so if you choose to message
me there, be patient. If you want to connect to me, you'll be
expected to contribute some time back to the wug to help
maintain the network.

IP C-Classes

C Class Date Status

IPv6 Networks

IPv6 Net Date Status

DNS zones

Zone name Date Status

Nameservers (NS)

Nameserver name IP address Date Status


  Access Point [SSID: http://wiki.ctwug.za.net/highvoltage8 ]  

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Node subnetwork

Subnet Home LAN ( -
Added Hostname IP address MAC address Device type Always on-line (24/7) Info
11/11/2017 nexus 00:0C:42:E2:D5:CD Router Yes RB750 LAN
10/30/2013 jonobox 00:16:3E:34:B9:D6 Server Yes
04/10/2016 rproxy01 56:71:80:07:55:24 Server Yes Reverse proxy for web services
10/29/2013 dadebox 00:16:3E:B9:71:99 Server Yes Shell box for dade.
03/07/2018 hyperion a4:1f:72:89:96:21 PC No
10/30/2013 adjutant 60:67:20:AD:FA:1C PC No Laptop
10/27/2016 shittyrb Router Yes
11/21/2014 voidray 00:22:3f:f6:76:1b PC No Gaming PC
10/28/2016 highvoltage-hellsangel-ospf Router Yes
12/19/2013 rb8 00:0C:42:CD:D8:23 Router Yes Omnitik, used for local clients less than 1km away connecting at 5.8ghz.
10/04/2015 rb1 D4:CA:6D:6D:B8:BA Router Yes sxt connected to comshop at 2.4ghz, currently primary link to wug via europa
01/16/2014 highvoltage-link-comshop Router Yes
07/18/2010 pc1 PC No
02/15/2011 pc2 PC Yes
06/20/2011 pc3 PC Yes Firewall
07/07/2010 pc4 PC Yes
06/20/2011 saphira Server Yes
07/01/2010 rb Router Yes Mikrotik RB433
11/19/2015 desktoppc1 PC Yes Desktop PC in office.
03/22/2017 zoniapc PC Yes
03/20/2016 lalie PC Yes lalie link
11/19/2015 rb1 4c:5e:0c:b7:6b:97 Router Yes Hardware: SXT2 lite 5ghz dual chain Connected to: Omnitik at highvoltage across the road


Category IP address Info Status Added
Streaming (TCP/23) Nyancat server. Run the following in a terminal on Linux to access it: telnet jonobox.highvoltage.ctwug.za.net On Windows Telnet: telnet -vtnt jonobox.highvoltage.ctwug.za.net Active 01/15/2014

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