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Node janssen #7979

-33.8706, 18.5364
Installation Due Date
0000-00-00 00:00:00
URL: http : / / swiftspirit . co . za / down / Janssen_stitch2.jpg
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The tree towards the left is very close to exactly North.

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Added Hostname IP address MAC address Device type Always on-line (24/7) Info
09/17/2014 r1 00:0C:42:70:27:8D Router Yes MikroTik RB750G 00:0C:42:70:27:8D 00:0C:42:70:27:8E 00:0C:42:70:27:8F 00:0C:42:70:27:90 00:0C:42:70:27:91
10/07/2014 prometheus 78:24:af:d7:a6:8c Server Yes Linux KVM Hypervisor and File server 78:24:af:d7:a6:8c (On board) 68:05:ca:2a:77:59 (Intel addon) Motherboard: ASUS B85-PRO CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4160 Memory: 16GB DDR3 1333MHz Disks: 2x WD 1.5TB Green 3x WD 2TB Green 2x WD 4TB Red 1x Intel 530 120GB SSD OS: CentOS7
10/12/2014 dogma ‎90e6.ba21.b843 PC No Desktop PC
11/21/2014 crashplan 52:54:00:C4:2B:A7 Server Yes Crashplan Backup Virtual Machine
12/01/2014 angerona 52:54:00:5e:65:cf Server Yes VM on Prometheus WUG-facing Content Server Built - firewalled - cannot communicate with the Internet except for http/s - content services to be installed
12/01/2014 gameproxy Server Yes VM on Prometheus Nginx server - useful for Steam/Origin/Blizzard updates and other specific sites which may be allowed within WUG. To Be Determined. To be built still
01/02/2015 steamdedi 52:54:00:50:25:8a Server Yes VM on Prometheus WUG-facing and public-facing Source-engine dedi server
01/05/2015 opentracker Server Yes opentracker
02/03/2015 proxy 52:54:00:c8:6e:e0 Server Yes VM on Prometheus Squid server - useful for Linux updates and specific sites which may be allowed within WUG. To Be Determined. To be built still
03/23/2015 wugdns 52:54:00:ff:94:c7 Server Yes wug dns server - for local mirror
09/17/2014 link1 4C:5E:0C:6F:B2:D6 Router Yes MikroTik RB911ac 4C:5E:0C:6F:B2:D6 4C:5E:0C:6F:B2:D7


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