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Node FinkNode #1823

Hout Bay
-34.0353, 18.3568
Installation Due Date
0000-01-01 00:00:00

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Added Hostname IP address MAC address Device type Always on-line (24/7) Info
12/28/2010 nanobridge Wireless Device Yes Where the magic happens. Configured by Aragon, also running his custom script and firewall. Mounted by myself, Aragon and David.
02/07/2011 rb750g Router Yes Currently setup to allow both WUG and Inet access for DHCP clients but Inet and WUG don't see each other. Configured by myself (acting as Monkey), Georg and Aragon.
02/07/2011 netgear-dg834 Other Yes Switch into bridged mode, so not acting as router.
12/28/2010 inhuman-pc E0-CB-4E-9E-86-FA PC No Owner of WUG devices for this node. Monkey of Aragon and Georg.
12/28/2010 inhuman-server 00:1C:C0:97:6D:33 PC No
12/28/2010 dhcp1 PC No
12/28/2010 dhcp2 PC No
12/28/2010 dhcp3 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp4 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp5 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp6 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp7 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp8 PC No
02/07/2011 tendaw103awirelessap Wireless Device No Wireless AP connected to home network.


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