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Node Vertex #1985

Hout Bay
-34.0195, 18.3478
Installation Due Date
0000-00-00 00:00:00

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  Access Point [SSID: http://ctwug.za.net/vertex1 ]  

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Node subnetwork

Subnet Home LAN ( -
Added Hostname IP address MAC address Device type Always on-line (24/7) Info
03/29/2013 link-kush.ub1 00:15:6D:8C:76:E4 Router Yes
03/29/2013 ub1 00:15:6D:8D:76:E4 Router Yes
12/14/2011 rb1 Router Yes RB450G
03/30/2013 ub2 00:15:6D:9C:C9:58 Wireless Device Yes Client Access Point
10/19/2014 wkersop 24:A4:3C:82:F8:93 Wireless Device Yes Client Station
04/04/2013 tiger Wireless Device Yes Client Station
04/12/2011 finknode 00:15:6D:1A:40:F5 Wireless Device Yes Client Station
12/29/2011 talon 00:27:22:A4:BA:DB Wireless Device Yes Client Station
04/12/2011 spike 00:15:6D:1A:3F:03 Wireless Device Yes Client Station
03/04/2013 fts 00:15:6D:5A:8D:F5 Wireless Device Yes Client Station
05/20/2012 cybervalley 00:27:22:D6:3A:30 Wireless Device Yes Client Station
12/11/2011 blik 00:27:22:34:0C:29 Wireless Device Yes Client Station
06/02/2012 net Other No
06/02/2012 adslrouter Router Yes
06/02/2012 belkinrouter Router Yes
06/02/2012 nanobridge Router Yes
06/02/2012 static68 Router Yes
06/02/2012 airvision Router Yes
06/02/2012 static70 Router Yes
06/02/2012 static71 Router Yes
06/02/2012 static72 Router Yes
06/02/2012 static73 Router Yes
06/02/2012 static74 Router Yes
06/02/2012 static75 Router Yes
06/02/2012 static76 Router Yes
06/02/2012 static77 Router Yes
06/02/2012 static78 Router Yes
06/02/2012 static79 Router Yes
06/02/2012 dhcp15 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp14 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp13 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp12 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp11 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp10 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp9 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp8 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp7 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp6 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp5 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp4 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp3 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp2 Other No
06/02/2012 dhcp1 Other No
06/02/2012 ext1 Other No
12/28/2010 nanobridge Wireless Device Yes Where the magic happens. Configured by Aragon, also running his custom script and firewall. Mounted by myself, Aragon and David.
02/07/2011 rb750g Router Yes Currently setup to allow both WUG and Inet access for DHCP clients but Inet and WUG don't see each other. Configured by myself (acting as Monkey), Georg and Aragon.
02/07/2011 netgear-dg834 Other Yes Switch into bridged mode, so not acting as router.
12/28/2010 inhuman-pc E0-CB-4E-9E-86-FA PC No Owner of WUG devices for this node. Monkey of Aragon and Georg.
12/28/2010 inhuman-server 00:1C:C0:97:6D:33 PC No
12/28/2010 dhcp1 PC No
12/28/2010 dhcp2 PC No
12/28/2010 dhcp3 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp4 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp5 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp6 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp7 PC No
02/07/2011 dhcp8 PC No
02/07/2011 tendaw103awirelessap Wireless Device No Wireless AP connected to home network.
10/19/2014 rb 00:15:6d:9c:c9:58 Wireless Device Yes Nanobridge
10/19/2014 wetbook 00:90:f5:b8:e5:ea PC No Laptop
10/19/2014 ip4 Other No
10/19/2014 ip5 Other No
10/19/2014 ip6 Other No
10/19/2014 ip7 Other No
10/19/2014 ip8 Other No
10/19/2014 ip9 Other No
10/19/2014 ip10 Other No
10/19/2014 ip11 Other No
10/19/2014 ip12 Other No
10/19/2014 ip13 Other No
10/19/2014 ip14 Other No
10/19/2014 ip15 Other No
04/04/2013 net Other No
04/04/2013 ip1 Other No
04/04/2013 ip2 Other No
04/04/2013 ip3 Other No
04/04/2013 ip4 Other No
04/04/2013 ip5 Other No
04/04/2013 ip6 Other No
04/04/2013 broadcast Other No
12/30/2011 unknown Other Yes
12/30/2011 nanobridge Router Yes
12/30/2011 samsung PC No
12/30/2011 hbcam Web camera Yes
12/30/2011 jakorporaal2 PC Yes
12/30/2011 jakorporaal3 PC Yes
12/30/2011 jakorporaal4 PC Yes
12/30/2011 jakorporaal5 Other Yes
12/16/2011 talon-rt Router Yes
12/16/2011 talon-nb 00:27:22:A4:BA:DB Router Yes
12/16/2011 dhcp01 PC No
12/16/2011 dhcp02 PC No
12/16/2011 dhcp03 PC No
12/16/2011 dhcp04 PC No
12/18/2011 dhcp05 PC No
12/18/2011 dhcp06 PC No
12/18/2011 dhcp07 PC No
12/18/2011 dhcp08 PC No
12/18/2011 dhcp09 PC No
12/18/2011 dhcp10 PC No
12/18/2011 dhcp11 PC No
12/18/2011 dhcp12 PC No
12/18/2011 dhcp13 PC No
06/18/2014 dhcp14 PC No
06/18/2014 dhcp15 PC No
06/18/2014 dhcp16 PC No
06/18/2014 dhcp17 PC No
06/18/2014 dhcp18 PC No
06/18/2014 dhcp19 PC No
06/18/2014 dhcp20 PC No
06/18/2014 dhcp21 PC No
06/18/2014 dhcp22 PC No
07/24/2016 unknown1 Other No
07/24/2016 unknown2 Other No
07/24/2016 unknown3 Other No
07/24/2016 unknown4 Other No
07/24/2016 unknown5 Other No
07/24/2016 unknown6 Other No
07/24/2016 broadcast Other No


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