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Node Weankey #7363

-33.9218, 18.6736
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0000-01-01 00:00:00 	Weankey to 	30 	ACTIVE 	Gekido 	ironman 

Note: I assume your wireless interface is wlan1 and your primary ethernet interface is ether1.
In winbox open a new terminal and paste the following commands ...

/ip address add address= network= broadcast= interface=wlan1 comment="PTP Link to Highsite"
/ip address add address= interface=ether1 comment="LAN Range"
/ip route add dst-address= gateway= comment="Route to WUG"

Your adapter settings in windows should look something like:
IP Address
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS (or whatever DNS you got from your ISP)

If you want to add a static route open command prompt as administrator and run the following command:

route add mask -p

IP C-Classes

C Class Datum Status

IPv6 Networks

IPv6 Net Date Status

DNS zones

Zone naam Datum Status

Nameservers (NS)

Nameserver naam IP adres Datum Status


  Access Point [SSID: http/ctwug.za.net/WeankeyOmni ]  

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Node subnetwerk

Subnet Thuis netwerk (LAN) ( -
Toegevoegd Hostname IP adres MAC adres Apparaat type Altijd aanwezig (24/7) Informatie
09/24/2016 pc1 Computer Ja
09/24/2016 media-server Computer Ja
10/19/2016 pc3 Computer Ja
12/03/2016 pc4 Computer Ja
12/11/2016 garage-pc Computer Ja
07/21/2018 rb9-spanner Router Ja
06/18/2018 rb7-vliegmot Router Ja
12/02/2016 rb8-951g Router Ja
12/03/2016 rb6-rassie Router Ja Grid
05/17/2017 rb5-omni Router Ja Client-OMNI
10/19/2016 rb4-ironman Router Ja OSPF Link to Ironman
08/05/2018 rb3-marinesniper Router Ja OSPF Link to Marine
10/02/2016 rb2-dribbel Router Ja OSPF Link to Dribbel
09/24/2016 rb1-core Router Ja Core Rb-Groove


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